With a view to ensure a good quality reception of Doordarshan channels through the Cable networks, the Central Government has notified the Cable Television Networks (Amendment) Rules 1999 vide Notification No.597 (E) dated 20th August, 1999. As per these rules, it is obligatory on the part of the cable operators to:-

a) Transmit at least two Doordarshan channels on their cable network in the prime band of channels other than those carrying terrestrial broadcast frequencies;
b) take only satellite signals of Doordarshan channels for transmission on their cable network by dish antenna/TVRO and not yagi antenna; and
c) not transmit any channel on the cable network in the same frequency band in which Doordarshan channels DD-1 and DD-11 are transmitted terrestrially, so as to avoid interference.

Explanation: For the purpose of this rule, the expression, "Prime Band" constitutes frequencies relating to channels falling in the Band 1 (Channels 2 to 4 ranging from 47 to 68 MHz) and Band 111 (Channels 5 to 12 ranging from 174 to 230 MHz) of electromagnetic spectrum, which are receivable by conventional TV sets without using add-on unit or special tuner.

As per Section 16 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995, non-compliance with the above provisions is punishable with imprisonment for a period of two years or with fine or with both.
General Public is hereby informed that, if the cable operator in their area is not complying with the above requirement and they are not receiving a good quality transmission of Doordarshan channels through the cable TV network, they should immediately bring it to the notice of the respective DM/SDM or Deputy Commissioner of Police and also to the officer incharge of the nearest Doordarshan Kendra or Doordarshan Maintenance Centre or Doordarshan Transmitter.

Deputy Secretary to the Government. of India.

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